Kyykkä is old Finnish outdoor game where the idea is to remove kyykkäs from square with karttus. Karttu is wooden club which max length is 85 cm and diameter 8 cm. Kyykkä can be played alone, in pairs or in team of 4 people.

Some kyykkä words
Akka (“woman”) – Kyykkä inside the playing square, -2 points
Pappi (“priest”) – Kyykkä thats on playing squares side- or backline, -1 point
Kuokkavieras (“uninvited guest “) – Kyykkä in front of the playing square, -2 points
Kona – Front line of the playing square
Hauki (“pike”) – Throw where you miss everything
Sektorihauki (“Sector pike”) – Throw where you miss the playing square